How Long Does It Take to Build a Pool in Los Angeles?

Pool construction is a significant project that demands careful planning. Depending on numerous circumstances, this process can take a long time in Los Angeles. A Los Angeles Pool Contractor will tell you that timescales vary depending on the project’s scope, the pool’s kind, and the site’s complexity. Additional info?

Pool construction begins with design and permitting. This stage is critical and lengthy since it requires municipal authorization. Due to rigorous requirements, this process can take weeks to months in Los Angeles. The complexity of your pool’s design, local zoning rules, and paperwork processing speed all affect this schedule.

Construction begins after permits are obtained. The first step is excavating the pool site. Depending on pool size, depth, and backyard soil, this can take several days. Rocky or unstable soils may necessitate significant preparation for pool construction.

After excavation, pool framework construction begins. They are building a rebar framework and spraying or pouring concrete from the pool shell for concrete pools. The concrete must be cured before continuing construction, which may take weeks. Fiberglass pools may take less time as the pre-formed shell needs to be secured and put into the excavated hole.

Plumbing and electrical work follow. Water filtration and circulation pipework, lighting, and heating wiring must be installed. This work must be done carefully to avoid future issues and maintain component safety and functionality. Depending on its complexity, installing the system could take days or weeks.

After plumbing and electrical are installed, the pool might be plastered, tiled, or otherwise finished. Decking, coping, and other surfaces are also installed at this phase. Like prior phases, this phase’s duration varies depending on materials and design. It usually takes a few weeks more.

The final tasks are filling the pool, balancing the chemicals, and adding diving boards, slides, and waterfalls. Although faster, these tasks are essential for pool safety and readiness.