Understanding DUI Law with Attorney Michael Braxton

Legal procedures are crucial to DUI defense, and DUI Michael Braxton excels at explaining them to his clients. His Tampa practice is known for its aggressive defense techniques and ability to educate clients about every step of the DUI process.

Braxton’s skill often shines through at the DMV hearing, which is most clients’ first legal encounter after a DUI arrest. This administrative procedure is crucial since it affects the accused’s driving rights. Michael Braxton urges his clients to request a hearing within ten days following an arrest to prevent immediate license suspension. He methodically prepares for these sessions, compiling material to oppose the arrest or sobriety tests.

After administrative hearings, Braxton’s pre-trial motions generally prepare the defense for criminal trials. He examines the arrest’s circumstances, from the traffic stop’s probable cause to the detention’s legality. Braxton files motions to suppress evidence when procedural flaws are found, which can decrease or dismiss charges.

Michael Braxton shines as a litigator during the trial. He has a vibrant courtroom presence and can explain complicated legal and scientific issues. Braxton gives the jury a clear and compelling alternative story by cross-examining prosecution witnesses or offering expert testimony to refute the state’s evidence.

Braxton represented a client accused of DUI while having a BAC below the legal limit. The prosecution relied on field sobriety test impairment. Braxton called medical specialists to testify regarding the client’s balance and speech difficulties, which resembled intoxication. He educated the jurors on medical intricacies and disproved the prosecution, resulting in a not-guilty finding.

Braxton remains engaged after the trial, whether the client wins or loses. If the case does not go well, he will manage appeals, fighting relentlessly to get his clients justice. He can appeal convictions by alleging trial errors due to his appellate legal knowledge.

Braxton follows up with his clients after a case is over. He advises on regaining driving privileges, probation, and DUI consequences. His comprehensive approach supports clients throughout the legal procedure and beyond.

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